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Business Cards

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A business card is one of the most important and cost-effective marketing tools a business can have, especially for businesses just starting out. And yet, too often it's a missed opportunity to make a great impression. A powerful and well-designed business card can effectively promote your business. There's a good chance that if the look and quality of your card is shoddy or unprofessional, it may be thrown into the trash.

The majority of business cards out there leave no real impression and soon become a faint memory. Leave someone with a card that looks great, feels great and clearly defines what your business does -- and you and your card won't soon be forgotten.


Business cards are used to introduce a business or a skilled person. It is an effective way of letting others keep information about you without seeing you.

Business cards remind others what you offer and what services you can do for them even if you do not use your marketing skills in speaking with them.


Include all important information. Sometimes people fail to include some necessary information in their business cards.

Define your business. Tell them what you do and what services you offer them. The important thing is the person who got your card will not be confused as to what type of business you have.

Make the look worth remembering. There are lots of designs for business cards and it is up to you to make it catchy and interesting.